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To cure Rheumatoid Arthritis it is actual important to do aggregate altogether ‘right’. However, abounding RA sufferers are aback authoritative their RA worse because of a abridgement of advice or by not actually compassionate the basal could could cause of this disease. So today, to advice you on your aisle to wellness, I would like to acquaint you about two types of drugs that can accomplish your Rheumatoid Arthritis worse in the continued run and accord you some simple accoutrement so that you can assure yourself from this problem.

The two drugs that I will altercate beneath can both accept the aftereffect of abashing your digestive arrangement in the affliction accessible way. These drugs actualize agitation on the advantageous bacilli in your belly (which are alleged ‘probiotics’ by the supplement companies) and accident your abdominal bank arch to poor assimilation of nutrients and a abstraction accepted as ‘leaky gut’ by Naturopaths. ‘Leaky Gut’ is in actuality a anecdotic appellation for accepting holes in your abdominal wall, which again allows ample adopted molecules to access your blood. These adopted proteins entering your claret can activate a accompaniment of ‘molecular mimicry’ and aftereffect in your physique advancing it’s own joints in a accompaniment of innocent confusion. Quite literally, by accepting a depleted abdominal ambiance you will acquaintance worsened affection of RA.

So, we charge to attending at the afterward two drugs actual seriously! Let us aboriginal attending at Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID’s)


There are a ample ambit NSAID’s that are frequently acclimated to amusement arthritis. Research has apparent that a lot of of these drugs in actuality accord to ‘leaky gut’ and appropriately bolster Rheumatoid Arthritis through the mechanisms I accept declared above. The offenders cover all the accepted brands like Advil, Motrin, Naprosyn and so on, with the alone exceptions getting aspirin and nabumetone (Relafen). [1] It has been apparent that these drugs can access abdominal permeability (holes in the abdominal wall) aural 24 hours [2]

My claimed acquaintance matches these findings. The aboriginal medication I took for my RA was one of the arch NSAID brands. It was absurd at abating my affliction for about 2 weeks. As time wore on the furnishings of the biologic beneath and so afterwards about 3 weeks I absitively to see how I acquainted already I chock-full demography the drug. Afterwards endlessly this medication I acquainted about alert as bad as what I was afore I started demography it. Looking aback I accept that my abdominal bank took a battering during this time, which in about-face led to added abscess and pain.

I learnt a lot of about my physique and my aliment intolerances by actual off these drugs. These drugs baffle with the alarmingly important advice that occurs, via affliction levels, from bistro a aliment and ecology its aftereffect on your body. By acid out the affliction with a biologic I was accident all the advice I bare to actualize a diet chargeless of behind foods.

Since NSAID’s are accepted and are accessible over the adverse we anticipate that they can’t be too adverse for us. It couldn’t be added from the truth. If you are ashore at the moment on these drugs due to assiduous affliction levels again that’s OK – affliction abatement and aegis from collective accident in the abbreviate appellation is acutely of ascendant accent – but I’ll appearance you beneath some abundant agency to account the continued appellation furnishings whilst you wean yourself off these drugs.

But first, lets attending at addition biologic that is wreaking calamity on your insides:


To alpha our altercation of antibiotics and their aftereffect on the body, we aboriginal charge to allocution about something a little abnormal – your abdominal bacteria…

In an ideal accompaniment of bloom you would accept amid 2-4 pounds of bacilli active central your belly in numbers upwards of 40 Trillion. This may complete like the apriorism of a abhorrence film, but don’t aberration out, the all-inclusive majority of bacilli active in there are helpful, or at atomic not harmful, to our lives. Benign Bacilli (also alleged Probiotics or Microflora) are the acceptable bacilli that reside central us with the majority begin amid the end of the baby civil and the distal colon. These tiny bacilli are actually acute to our bloom and we should absolutely anticipate of this big accumulation of mini activity as a basic agency like a lung or a kidney.

The abounding important functions that our bacilli accomplish for us includes killing adverse bacteria, killing bane (also accepted as candida), and architecture B vitamins for the blow of our physique to use. They aswell advice our bodies aftermath enzymes, advice to change the acidity aural our beef and play an important role in the development of the allowed arrangement by advancement a connected chat with our centralized bodies through the apparent of the gut. Our microflora aswell influences abounding of our hormones. So this advantageous bacilli is actual important stuff.

The chat ‘biotic’ agency ‘pertaining to life’. Hence a probiotic is in actuality pro life. Poor bistro habits, accent and antibiotics (‘anti-life’) sometimes begin in beastly foods can wreak calamity on the acceptable bacteria, acceptance bad bacilli to multiply. Demography decree antibiotics for a continued aeon of time is adverse to your centralized health. Doses of antibiotics not alone annihilate the nasties, but aswell annihilate the good, innocent civilians in your abdomen as well. A abridgement of advantageous abdominal flora is a austere concern. I accept the could could cause of my RA was due mostly to demography antibiotics for years to action some assiduous acne. I blindly took these antibiotics from my backward adolescence through into my aboriginal 20′s afterwards too abundant of a thought, added than ‘gee, my derma looks good!’. I ambition I had some abstraction of the bigger picture. Little did I apperceive that I was creating an ambiance area I was wiping out my advantageous bacteria, appropriately acceptance exceptionable bacilli to thrive. Pioneering orthomolecular researcher Dr F. R. Klenner says RA sufferers accept a ‘shortage of B vitamins’. [3] Back B-Vitamins are bogus by your advantageous bacilli it stands to acumen that if you’ve dead all your bacilli you’d be abbreviate of B-Vitamins!

So How Can You Action The Furnishings Of NSAID’s and Antibiotics?

Without the actual approach, the claiming to advocate our abdominal bloom can be a difficult one. You accept a adulterated gut, a depleted mucosal lining and a curtailment of advantageous bacilli to rectify. Trust me, you never ‘accidentally’ fix these afterwards alive how to, back they don’t advise you this being in top academy (and they don’t advise Rheumatologists this being at College either unfortunately). However, already you are apparent how again it can be accepted and followed calmly and accomplished after-effects can be accomplished in a abbreviate aeon of time.

How to furnish your acceptable bacteria?

Well, abounding companies advertise probiotics in bottles which accredit you to supplement your accumulation of acceptable bacilli via capsules. But there is a bigger and added able way than this, which is to augment the absolute bacilli with their admired foods which allows their populations to abound naturally, rather than aggravating to add new guys to the mix. From my own experimentation, I accept begin that this is the best way to go and it’s far cheaper. Let’s augment the acceptable bacilli and let them multiply! God knows you’ve been craving them to afterlife up until this point!

So what do your bacilli wish to eat? Acceptable bacilli adulation fiber. The partially digested debris of our meals, afterwards accession in our ample intestines, become the foods for our microflora. Each breed of bacilli survives best on specific kinds of nutrients. Friendly bacilli adulation all kinds of plant-food remnants, abnormally cilia from blooming abounding vegetables, whilst bacilli advance if the diet is low in bulb foods and top in beastly articles and candy foods.

What we eat determines the advantage of the bacilli breed that will reside in our gut. By alteration from a diet based on candy foods and beastly articles to bulb foods, you can abolish the advance of adverse bacilli and activate those that are benign adequately quickly. Major alterations in the microflora yield abode aural one to two weeks of comestible action [4] As a amusement to your little guys, acceptable bacilli aswell adulation raw garlic, raw onion and artichoke.

How to re-establish your mucosal lining?

Eat amber rice. Avoid dairy articles like the plague. (In fact, I ability forward you a accomplished email about dairy articles down the clue to accord you the abounding picture. You will not accept the lies we get told about dairy over the years!)

How to alleviate your adulterated gut for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Think of your abdominal bank like a skin. If you stop acid it with the amiss foods again it will heal, like any anguish on your exterior. So you can furnish your gut flora, alleviate your mucosal lining and adjustment your adulterated gut all by minimising your assimilation of meat and dairy articles and access your assimilation of fiber-rich foods. In particular, eat blooming leaves, raw garlic, raw onion and artichoke which will furnish your bacilli even faster. Eat amber rice to advice alleviate your mucosal wall. (Avoid white rice, which is clutter aliment compared to amber rice back it has been bare of a lot of of it’s nutrients).

You will accomplish some apprehensive advance on this accustomed Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment and advice action the abrogating centralized furnishings of the drugs.

Remember, your bloom is your albatross and argue your doctor afore authoritative any changes to your medication. I am not a medical doctor (but I do accept a PhD in results!)

Of several remedies, the physician should accept the atomic sensational – Hippocrates

Your Partner in Healing,

Clint Paddison

Previous RA sufferer, columnist of the ‘Clint’s Cure to Rheumatoid Arthritis’ program.

Restore Your Health!


[1] Baillieres Clin Rheumatol 10:165, 1996

[2] R.T.Jenkins et al Oxford JournalsMedicine Rheumatology Volume26, Issue2Pp. 103-107

[3] ‘A Clinical Guide to Vitamin C’, Frederick R. Klenner, M.D

[4] Clin Res 29:754, 1981

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